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The term Design explains a process of collecting ideas and visions, arranging and implementing them. Web designing is also a similar process of creating a website and decorating the content and layout so that its target users can access it through internet by using a web browser. However, the web designing of today focuses on more than a visual aspect.

Modern Day Web Designing:-

There are a number of visual key factors elements that are required for the web designing of today. Some of these are as follows:

Layout: At the first glance of the website it should be informative, if the layout of the website is not informative then no one is going to stay on your website. And in order to achieve this objective, layout becomes very important.

Graphics: The term graphics is related to photos, logos, clipart or icons. All or some of these are used in order to enhance the quality of web designing. And in order to create user friendliness, all these are judiciously utilized taking into consideration the content and color of the web page.

Color: The color of your website should match with your idea concept and the theme of the website. Colors plays very important role to making your website look good. For example if your are choosing very dark color for your website it will not suit the eyes of the users and will not look good also or if you choose very light color for your website there are the possibilities that the content of the website may not visible for users, so color combination of the website should match to your subject, concept, ideas, and theme of the website.

Fonts: The quality of website design gets enhanced considerably with the correct use of various fonts. However, the web designers of today use the web-safe fonts and work within these acceptable fonts.

Content: Content and design must be reciprocal in order to convey the message of the site unequivocally. The written text, besides being useful and relevant, must be clear so as not to confuse the readers and encourage them to stay on the site. The content written should also be in conformity with the SEO guidelines and it must be optimized for search engines with relevant SEO keywords.

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