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There are certain terms used in this website. These terms have certain meanings that need to be defined in the context of this site in order to avoid any kind of ambiguity. We have tried to define these terms in clear words so that there could be no two meanings of one term.

  1. By “Eblon Enterprises or Eblon Enterprises Services” we mean the services as well as the features that we make available to you. It does also include (a)the sub-domains, international versions, widgets as well as the mobile versions (b) Like button, Share button and other similar social plugins (c) our platform.
  2. By the term “Platform” we mean the set of APIs and sources (application developers and website operators) that are used in order to get data from our site or furnish data to us.
  3. The “Content” for us includes all those written materials that our subscribers post, furnish or share by using the services provided by us.
  4. The term “data” is “any data” that includes but not limited to the content of the user and information that our subscribers or any third party can retrieve from our website or provide to us through suitable platforms.
  5. The term “post” includes all the posts on our site or the content of our site being made available to other site using our site.
  6. The term “use” for us means any use, copy, public display, distribution, modification, translation, or even creating the derivative work out of the intellectual property of this website.
  7. The term “application” includes any website or application that uses or accesses our platform. Also included in the ambit of application are all those other things that receive or access data from us. Even if you no longer access Platform, but you still have data collected from us, you shall be deemed to access data from us unless you delete the data completely.


Along with these terms, we have also mentioned certain conditions to prevent any misuse or misappropriation of the content of the site or to safeguard the rights and liberty of other people or the intellectual properties of the website. It is important to note that the terms and condition mentioned in this page are not final and conclusive. Some or the entire part of the content may change as and when the situation and circumstances necessitates it. We may or may not provide any prior information for the proposed changes.

Given below are some of the conditions in order to best use our website and prevent any kind of misuse by any of our visitors. There are certain guidelines that you will need to follow while using our website. Some of these are as follows:

  1. You will refrain from providing any personal information that is false or fabricated. You shall not provide untrue information about you in order to conceal your identity, or to get undue importance, influence in the digital world.
  2. You shall not claim to be a film star, celebrity or political leader pasting the picture and other valid details pertaining to any widely known individual in a quest to gain popularity or undue influential.
  3. You shall not, by furnishing wrong information, pose yourself as police officer and try to intimidate other subscribers.
  4. You shall refrain from creating an account for anyone other than yourself, unless you get the valid information for the same.
  5. You shall refrain from creating more than one personal account, no matter how genuine the reason for creating another account is.
  6. You shall not use your personal timeline predominantly for your own commercial gain and refrain from using our web page for any such purposes.
  7. Any person, who has not completed 13 years of age, shall not be eligible to register with us. If any person is found to conceal his or her real age, it will be construed to be an offence and appropriate legal action will be taken against the wrongdoers.
  8. You shall cease to be our user, if we find you as a convicted sex offender.
  9. If any and whole of your contact information changes, you shall enlighten us about any such changes. You will need to keep your contact information not only accurate, but up-to-date as well.
  10. You shall not tinker with the sanctity of the password that we get after you furnish us with all the required details. You shall therefore not let any one access your account by letting him or her know your password. It will not only jeopardize the security of your account, but will also be against the very spirit of our rules and regulations.
  11. Without getting our valid permission, ye shall refrain from transferring your account, that may include but not limited to any page application that you administer to anyone, no matter how close you are from that person.
  12. If you select a user name or any identifier that falls under the same category, we have the exclusive right to remove or reclaim it if we believe it is appropriate for sure.


  1. Changes are the need of the time, the only constant thing in the long run. The same is true for a company, a website like us. We thereby reserve the right to change partially or completely our existing terms and conditions with or without any prior notice.
  2. The said changes may or may not contain proper notification. If you continue to subscribe our website, you shall be deemed to go through and know about these changes as and when any changes is incorporated.
  3. As we are not obliged to inform you days before any changes are scheduled to take place, you cannot say you are not aware of the said changes as you did not receive any notification for the said changes.